Ain Shams university cities getting ready early to prepare for next year # Cities Council recommend raising the level of service  #  Cities Council contracted with a company to conduct maintenance operation # Acceptance of 6800 students in the cities next year # Expatriates system has not changed in university cities

After Ain Shams University has ended the evacuation of university cities of the students after the completion of the examinations, where was left in the city only foreign students and students of sixth band "Medicine" and summer training, University began early in readiness for next year to develop the plan on the number of students and maintenance of cities and other.The university began to take a number of actions on preparations university cities to receive the students in the next academic year 2015/2016, and after that the Council of the university management of cities and nutrition recommended that interest in university cities facilities to raise the service level provided to students in  cities, as well as the need to note the announcement of the dates of applying mail to cities for university students and old freshmen at the time.

The number of students in the university cities in next year

Dr. Mohammed El Husseiny El Toukhy, Vice President of Ain Shams University for Education and Student Affairs, said that the Board of university cities Manager, select the number of students to be admitted to university cities during the next academic year, he said in private statement for "The Seventh Day", it is scheduled to accept 6,800 students, including 4500 student cities of female students, and 2,300 students in the cities of boys.

3 new buildings in third compound for female students

El Toukhy, it has been providing three new buildings for female students in third compound will be included in university cities plan, within the framework of a protocol signed with Misr El-khier Foundation, pointing out that the building will accommodate 440 students to be selected on the basis of standards of excellence and alienation and lack of financial capacity.

The cost of the establishment of the three buildings is 30 million by Misr El-Kheir Foundation, where the university holds supervision , management and nutrition of students, and relieve students of buildings will be the beginning of the next academic year, and that the university will provide buses to transport students to the place of residence of the buildings, and the establishment of students will be without expenses and are selected according to the criteria of academic excellence, alienation and lack of capacity, and that the building is equipped with dining halls, games, memorization, and management of medical secure and private security .

Prof. El Toukhy pointed out that it will be providing buses to move from the buildings to the nearest area of Nasr City Zahraa or tenth district, so that there is communication, and work is now under way to provide security management and supervision for students.

He indicated that the building actual cost in student processing, as well as soothing hotel business building in students «boys» with the beginning of the next school year, pointing out that the building «A» the premises of the Faculty of Agriculture will enter into maintenance to be housed with the beginning of the second semester in the next year.

About opening the door of applying for students of university cities, Dr. Mohammed El- Husseini El-Toukhy , Vice President of Ain Shams University for Education and Student Affairs, said it will open the door of accommodation in  cities electronically beginning from the first of next August for a period of 15 days as a first stage, while the start of the second phase will be during the period from August 17 to 20 of the same month, the announcement of the results is that during the period from September 15 through 21 of the same month.

Detection of drugs for applicants

El Toukhy added that there will be drug detection for students applying for university cities as a condition for accommodation, pointing out that it was contracted with Syanko Company to perform halls maintenance. El Toukhy pointed that the building will be the actual cost in students processing, as well as accommodation in the hotel building for students "boys" with the beginning of the next school year, pointing out that the building "A" the premises of the Faculty of Agriculture will enter into maintenance to be housed with the beginning of the semester the second with the next year.

Activate electronic gates

Vice President of Ain Shams University for Education and Student Affairs added that it will be the completion of the installation of electronic gates and activated with the start of the next school year in the framework of controlling the security system at the university and sectors, pointing out that the entry of students for university cities would be through smart cards. University cities Council is chaired by Dr. Mohammed El Husseiny El Toukhy ,Vice President of Ain Shams University for Education and Student Affairs, and the annexation of all of the "Vice President for Community and Environment ,Dean of the Faculty of Law , adviser and  General Secretary in the university - Secretary University Assistant for Education and Student Affairs - nutrition adviser - adviser to the university campus students and their affiliates - General Director of nutrition - General Manager of university cities - General manager of Engineering Affairs - General manager of Medical Affairs – director of university cities (boys) – director of university Cities (girls) ."

Expatriates system has not changed in university cities

For his part, Dr. Abdul Latif Taya Vice President of Ain Shams University for the students of the university cities of student activities adviser, confirmed that there has been no change to the Expatriates in the university cities system.

Abdul Latif pointed out that the conditions of newcomer students on campus enrollment, that has the grant, as well as address the embassies of the city, pointing to the existence of housing known as »free housing» city for international students, residents at their expense without grant a full equipped building.

He explained that what is applied to the newcomer also applied to the Egyptian student, Students living in the provinces is close to expatriates and those who were not so lucky in the success did not meet the conditions of ordinary residence have the right to free housing accommodation.

Among the most important in entry requirements to cities for expatriate students, and successful at the same school year, and obtained estimate »good», as there are sometimes exceptions to social situations through the Solidarity Fund so that it is joining the university account.

Electronic application

The board of directors of university cities at Ain Shams University, headed by Prof. Dr. Muhammad El Husseiny El Toukhy, Vice President for Education and Students Affairs, selected the date for E-application for university cities (students (boys) – students (girls)) for all old and new students in two phases.

The start of the first phase starting on Saturday of 1st August to Saturday 15th August

As the second phase begins, starting on Monday, 17th August to Thursday 20th of the same month.