Ain Shams University hospitals have achieved different developments during the last academic year .. and the university put more plans and are in the process of developing and improving the services provided to citizens through hospitals ..More details in the next dialog with the President of the University Prof. Dr. Hussein Essa...

What are the main achievements of the university over the past academic year?


The University stands on the threshold of a major breakthrough at all levels, the medical sector has witnessed during the last period a huge boom where was implemented expansions in University hospitals - especially that Eldemerdash hospital offers its services by 90% free of charge to patients - along with the recent openings in Ain Shams hospitals which toll of cost approximately from 85 million pounds formed donations from the National, Misr Bank,” Misr El-khair” foundation and other large part.


What are the main openings that took place during that period in the university's medical sector?

The most prominent openings are that has opened 21 operations room fully equipped, and surgery hospital, which includes 42 bed in intensive care with cameras where it can be for the people of the patient can rest assured it without going directly to him and bringing the university hospitals of 535 beds for intensive care, representing one-sixth of the number of beds at hospitals in Egypt.

University President added that the medical sector this year has seen the opening of (good booth – Koshk El-khair) in collaboration with its founder, Misr El-khair” foundation that were provided for the treatment of individuals who do not have the financial capacity to buy them the necessary treatment .the idea of “Koshk El-khair” is the idea of former Mufti of the Republic /Ali Goma’a.

As it has been the opening of the electronic library at Faculty of Medicine, , which is the first of its kind in the faculties of medicine in Egypt, along with a new emergency hospital, oncology and women also reviewed the openings Ain Shams Specialized Hospital a total cost of 30 million pounds.

When will the opening of the second phase of El- Obour hospital?

During the coming two months it will be the opening of the second phase of El-Obour hospital to offer 80% of medical services to El-Obour city and its surroundings

What about the development of the appropriations and academic quality of the faculties of the university?

7 faculties got so far accreditation and them: pharmacy, nursing, medicine, dentistry, agriculture, Al-alsun, Engineering, pointing out that the university is seeking international accreditation of the faculties of the medical sector.

Tell us about the international dimension of the University?

The university completed the necessary paperwork to create the first branch of governmental university in Dubai and scheduled to begin by the faculties of commerce, law and media. Pointing out that it has been allocated a special place in the Ethiopian capital for the establishment of a branch of the University there is due to open in the period between 6 to 12 months with funding gulfs.

What are the details of the participation of the university in the success of the economic conference?

Faculty of Al Alsun contributed to the translation of conference papers into 13 languages.