Professor of professors... is his nickname in the scientific community, which belongs to his title, a title expresses the prestigious scientific prestige reached his effort and his work and achievements in the field of modern irrigation systems in Egypt

Professor of professors... is his nickname in the scientific community, which belongs to his title, a title expresses the prestigious scientific prestige reached his effort and his work and achievements in the field of modern irrigation systems in Egypt, said Prof. Dr. Abdel Ghani El-gendy Professor of Agricultural Engineering and former Dean of Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams university .He is a world mark who spent more than 40 years of research and work that resulted in important applications in the field of agriculture and irrigation.

During his years he managed to turn his students to professors and grants under the title of professor of professors in the fields of engineering and agricultural irrigation.

«El-Gendy» graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture, Alexandria Department of Agricultural Engineering 1967, who was on the only national level section majoring in agricultural engineering, and then assigned to be a lecturer at Ain Shams University, and after returning from a mission in 1977, he began the process of thinking and research in the development of irrigation systems, and work on research in the college application, and then with the farmers.

During this period, El-Gendy got on the opportunity to work as a deputized in the Ministry of Agriculture, and this was the starting point in his life (as he said), and because the ministry is the only body mandated to embrace research and application, he used working as a consultant at adapting the potential to carry out research, through the farms of Ministry of Agriculture and large research stations, which play an important role in agricultural extension.


















New phase


Then Professor began a new phase of work which is advisory work, that earned him the presidency of Agricultural Engineering Research Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture beside his academic work, he was able - during this period - to enter Technology Laser settlement, a profound impact on mechanization, where it facilitates the engineering process, and irrigation rationalization of water consumption, the institute's first place was to accommodate unit laser leveling in Egypt, and it spread to working on more than 20 agricultural company, this as well as gated pipes techniques, drip irrigation, which yielded tremendous results in the cultivation of sugar cane, where increased productivity acre from 40 to 70 tons.

«El-Gendy» left the institute in 1997 to devote himself to academic work at the university to develop irrigation systems in an unprecedented way, and this is what made all the farms in Egypt knows the his name, and links the development of irrigation systems.


Unique Researches


Prof. Dr. Abdul Ghani El-gendy gave individual research in the field of agricultural engineering and irrigation field in irrigation systems, the research focused on how to rationalize water use in agriculture, suffering from water poverty in Egypt was the first motive interesting aspect of this research, Prof. Abdel Ghani pointed out that per capita water currently is 615 cubic meters per year, note that poverty 1,000 cubic meters extent that any of water per capita is less than the poverty line.

Research provided by El-gendy was able to reclaim new land to cover, food security, with the steady increase in population, and cannot be accessed for this work and those roads only through field irrigation development.

He got the approval of the political leadership in Egypt on the project and the idea, but it is one of the priorities set by the government and the importance attached to sustainable agricultural development strategy in 2030, came to be approved on the development of five million fondant in the Valley and the Delta in 10 years.

Prof. Abdel Ghani is working on this project as Deputy Minister of Agriculture Coordinating Committee for all senior field irrigation development projects, in addition to being a general supervisor of the project.


The work has already begun on the project in the provinces of Kafr el-Sheikh, El-behera, Assiut, Sohaj and Qena, and work is underway to begin work on the rest of the provinces.


















Support the youth

Prof. Abdel Ghani supervised more than 100 master and doctorate during the last ten years, in addition to nearly 50 in search, most notably with regard to the uses of modern technologies in the design and planning of field irrigation systems and the development of designs for small and large farms, and the use of new energy and renewable, chemical and irrigation, which uses chemicals in the irrigation process, and uses computer programs in the operation and management of field irrigation systems.

Despite the bumper of his research and his work, but he did not stop the march of the bid and in this period focused on guidance to students on new research concerning the uses of remote sensing in the management of irrigation systems, and uses of solar energy in agriculture due to the growing demand for private clean energy power.

75% of young people are working in projects and research which is overseen by El-gendy and working implementation are done by youth also thereby block is advisory, and aims to give more self-confidence to youth, and hold them responsible, in addition to rehabilitation to be staking future research.

In the framework of his encouragement to the youth of many of the training courses provided inside and outside Egypt in the Arab and foreign countries, because it is the young people who are the arms of a sustainable development.





Scientific, international research participation


El-gendy took part in the Academy-funded scientific research and foreign bodies such as the European Union research projects, scientific and US aid, and Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst “DAAD”. Among these projects, a project to improve the efficiency and environmental advantages for irrigation chemotherapy for field crops and vegetable crops under sprinkler irrigation and localized irrigation systems, irrigation project techniques to raise the efficiency of utilization of irrigation water for field crops under drought and salinity conditions in the arid lands, study project priorities and areas of application of modern methods of irrigation land Ancient Valley and Delta, the project of establishing a sustainable forests in Egypt using treated wastewater, rural development project villages built center Beni Mazar in Minya; It is worth mentioning that he is the executive director of the Project for the integrated development of the villages of Beni Mazar, which is estimated to cost 15 million and is funded by the European Union.

Prof. Dr. Abdel Ghani has won numerous awards including the Order of the Republic of the first class in arts and sciences in 2014, the State Prize of discretion in advanced technological science in agriculture in 2012, Ain Shams University Appreciation Award in June 2008.


Journey of giving of Prof. Dr. Abdel Ghani made him qualified to lead several projects of local and international organizations, it is the most important general supervisor of the agriculture sector, the mechanism and the Institute of Agricultural Engineering Research, Chairman of the Coordinating Committee of the French Egyptian Center for resources and agricultural development, Chairman of the Higher Coordinating Committee of the National Project for the development of field irrigation in the territory of the Valley and the Delta and the decision of the unity of the same project coordination, a member of the Dutch Egyptian Advisory Council for Water Management, a member of the Coordinating Committee for the pilot project to irrigate the field port with the Dutch side Ministry Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Member of the Board of Directors of project development and localization of the High Dam Lake, a key member of the Supreme Committee for the development and formulation of agricultural Strategy, a key member of the study, design and operational planning of the national project for the development and modernization of field irrigation system in the territory of the Valley and the Delta to maximize water use in agriculture in Egypt, and to participate with the World Bank to develop a project of irrigation and drainage area grove reform and improve irrigation systems for farms young graduates NUBAREYA.

Professor Dr. Abdel Ghani has 46 research published locally, and 12 research publications internationally, in addition to six ongoing research projects.

continuous giving... forward-looking vision of a better future for young people, and hard work in the national projects ... and strong support for young researchers ... so the community consider Professor Dr Abdel Ghani El-gendy as professor of professors.