    Ain Shams University receives 230 000 students this year#    New programs at Faculties of Medicine and Engineering#    New maintenance at new facilities and renovations in the labs

Students’ reception

About preparations for the university for the new academic year , Ain Shams University president/ Prof. Dr. Hussein Essa said that  university received nearly 190 000 students and the papers of 40 000 new students in 15 faculties, noting that the first day of study witnessed intensive attendance of students and regularity of the study in 9 faculties .

The crowdedness in which the gates of the university witnessed in the first day of study confirmed that this is a logical and natural in the presence of intensified security measures at the gates appealing to students in collaboration with the security and the early presence before the lecture in advance and we betting on the students' awareness of and adherence to their right of education, especially after a delay of 3 weeks, under constant exams of the half year.

He added that all sectors of the university prepared form nearly a month by a package of measures on top of the education and students sector, who set up the files for new students and their distribution on the sections and divisions of various faculties and make medical examination on them.

New Programs

In terms of educational curriculum, Ain Shams University introduced new programs at the Faculty of Dentistry and two new additional programs at Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Medicine is exclusive this year by program of " Integrated Units Systems," which is launched for the first time in Egypt, the program represents a revolution in the field of medical education and provides student by extra time for practical training.


Maintenance and Renovations


Prof. Dr. El-Said Abdul Khaliq, Minister of Higher Education stressed that all universities are fully prepared for the new academic year, adding that the labs have been prepared to the fullest extent, in addition to create the halls, making sure students are appealing to science.


For administrative preparations Prof. Hussein Essa pointed out that the renovations of buildings and facilities and university laboratories were completed and concerning the university branch in El-Obour, Prof. Hussein Essa pointed that now work is underway on the completion of construction at the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences at a cost of 70 million pounds, and the buildings will be completed within a year.


He said that the school schedules was announced on the university site and the sites of faculties and accommodation of students will be completed in hostels during the first week of the study.


Dr. Essa told the university Council about the approval of the Supreme Council of Universities on the law box and support personnel will be sent to the Ministry of Finance for approval, and will be activated.


Student activities


Prof. Hussein Essa demanded deans to prepare a clear program of student activities at the level of each faculty applied throughout the year and are announced to the students and motivate them to participate to break the monopoly on a certain class circuit to eliminate any extremism of any kind on campus, stressing on the importance of the presence of leaders and faculty members within the faculty since the first day of the study. The councils and departments sought to regularity of the academic year and the educational process and conduct periodic examinations four times a year.


Prof. Hussein Essa explained that they were preparing an integrated plan for the activities and receive new students in collaboration between the Department of Youth Welfare and the student union, and in coordination with unions of faculties and student families, including possible integration of students in various activities since the first day to hone their character and compensation for experienced student activities from the decline in the past years.


In addition to that youth welfare department in collaboration with the student unions and families embarked on a plan to regulate the activities already begun through visits to the Suez Canal was theatrical and sports activity began addition to the activities, which will begin with the start of the new academic year.




University Hostels


With regard to university hostels sector, university president pointed out that housing students procedures began today for a period of 10 days, pointing out that hostels this year will receive 6000 students, stressing the need to respect of students to the regulations and maintain the hostels that offer them service almost free and direct support up to one thousand pounds per month per student.


University Hospitals


In a telephone conversation between the Engineer/ Ibrahim Mahlab Prime Minister, Prof. Hussein Essa President of Ain Shams University, commenting on his recent visit to Eldemerdash university hospital ;the Prime Minister praised the effort out with express reservation on some of the negatives returned by the lack of physical possibilities, so the formation of a higher committee of ministers of higher education, health and the university president and a number of officials from medical sector at the university to discuss Ain Shams University hospitals and develop mechanisms , explaining that the Prime Minister stressed that the coming period will witness a major breakthrough for university hospitals began by El-Qasr El-Einy hospital.