Dr. Mohammed Sweilem, a teacher and deputy head of the Department of Physics at the American University in Cairo

"Suwaylim" concerned in his research over the past three years with designing Nano-optics devices, which transmit data at high speed using light gleams instead of electrical signals, which herald the presence of applications in computer and communication technology. Nano Optics apparatuses high quality of these basically using photonic crystals, which transmit data electronically frequencies of light, and thus allows the rapid transfer of huge amounts of data across the wire small size instead of wires is huge, so you can use these devices now to build integrated optical communication systems, where can be used to transfer data over the Internet.

The main benefit of Nano-optical devices return to a very small size, where they can keep huge quantities of data without filling a large area. This will help when using the optical systems of the links that will make your computer's speed on the account much faster, where the data is sent via the motherboard as flashes of light.


The use of devices to establish a plant more thin


Suwaylim seeks through research to reduce the size of optical devices and this will facilitate the replacement of the electronics circles of light and the use of light to carry data in consumer devices such as computers and mobile phones, which will be much faster and more practical. "

Suwaylim and his team used these devices to establish a plant fully on one thin chip, a technology called "lab over thin." These require technology sensors are small and very sensitive to put a lot of sensors on a one thin chip. They can be used to conduct an analysis of whole blood using a drop of blood and only one. And Suwaylim and his team work to make it smaller and more sensitive using our new designs prompt waves of photonic crystals. "


"Suwaylim" researches deals with an important part for the challenge of designing devices Nano-optics high quality like this measure the exact dimensions of the length of small waves, but requires the design of such devices industry and tests are characterized by very high-technology, which is a challenge at this time in Egypt. The labs of AUC and funding enormously in this regard. "


Suwaylim after search of work and industry of silicon Nano-wires and conducted tests and discovered them with his team that there are properties of new and interesting too. This means that the properties of a material change when it is made up of five or six atoms, for example, instead of an infinite number of atoms.


Suwaylim won the prize, in addition to the 43 prominent Egyptian researchers have received awards in the fields of science and technology this year, among the 350 people filed to run for state awards.