it’s a faculty that obtained the adoption of quality since October 2011, and still has aspirations to provide better services, maintenance

-        Faculty of Pharmacy Ain Shams got quality and has continuous development aspirations

-        The development of the Master’s program of the faculty

-        The budget is not enough

-        Maintenance works going on at the faculty

-        Agreements with a number of universities


It’s a faculty that obtained the adoption of quality since October 2011, and still has aspirations to provide better services, maintenance and update them continuously at all levels... About much detail about the faculty, its activities and future vision, the editorial team at the university conducted the following dialogue with the Dean of the faculty D / Abdel Nasser Badawi Sinjab.

- What is the plan to improve the performance of faculty?

At the level of the students , the environment and graduate؛ we  worked on the development of curricula and courses and to add new programs and increase scholarships and missions in addition to the completion of the plan, which began in October 2011 by preparing research laboratories for student, in addition to increase the role of the college in community service through consulting and convoys and work pharmacy goodness for service personnel and increase the activity center Medical service and the development of the Information Technology Unit.


- What are the departments or programs developed at the faculty during this year?

New programs that have been developed are getting vocational masters in pharmacy administration MBA, as well as seeking to develop the regulations in force in the various departments and programs in the faculty.


- Do we expect the development of new sections altogether in the coming period?

The nature of the faculty and its subjects and syllabus do not allow the introduction of new sections, as the sections of  the faculty and its programs and materials are known and specific, however, the efforts of existing and ongoing development.

- Each faculty has its dedicated budget by the university, is it enough to provide all the possibilities that faculty needs?

No it is not enough, and the aspirations of faculty for development and modernization are large, and this needs to be possibilities.

- Does Faculty has sought to provide a self- income, and how they managed to achieve this?

Certainly the faculty sought to has self- income, and it was through new programs and research projects funded from inside and outside Egypt.

- What are the most prominent difficulties that you can see facing your work?

We are suffering from the lack of a mechanism to put bonuses for members of the faculty and faculty staff, and lack of interest in the university and Quality Management to allocate bonuses which led to the negatively reversal on the performance of the quality process.


- Did you seek for the adoption of quality?


Yes we obtained it and is currently under improvement as well.


- When did the Faculty obtain the quality adoption?


The Faculty of Pharmacy obtained quality adoption in October 2011


- Does there any development of new facilities or new labs during this year in the faculty?


Yes, it has been the development of a full role (Basement) that has central lab / animal house / IT / stores / maintenance gym.


- Does the faculty conducted maintenance operations?


Yes, at present work maintenance contracts are underway at the faculty level.


- Does the number of labs that are available in the faculty enough?




- To what extent the number of devices in laboratories matched with the number of students?


The number of devices in laboratories matched with the appropriate number of students.


- Did you call to provide more possibilities?


Yes we have demanded more possibilities and confronted correspondence to the university president in this regard, and has to respond to our demands and provided full support.


- What is the extent of cooperation between you and the other universities, both at home and abroad?


There is some cooperation between the universities at home and abroad, was concluded a number of agreements in addition to foreign missions, along with joint supervision and scientific missions.