The period of separation from the faculty of education in Ain Shams University is hardest stages that we have passed so the faculty made

Faculty of Specific Education... passed many stages of transition, and the administration is seeking stability after a steady pace in order to promote it, and to highlight its role in serving students and the community alike ... struggling and striving to provide the best possibilities of material and human ... we have this dialogue with prof. Amani Mohammed Hanafi, dean of the faculty about the faculty of Specific Education and its career and future plans.


- Give us a brief history of the Faculty of Specific Education?


Faculty of Specific Education Passed several stages through the merger and the separation with other faculties, as the faculty was established in 1988 under the name of faculty of teachers of specific education, then the Minister of Education decision in 1989 to change the name of teachers colleges and parameters specific to the faculty of Specific education, and in March 1989 the decision was made No. (183) to form the Supreme Council of Colleges of quality, and recommended expanding in the establishment of colleges of education, and in 1989, changing the name of the teachers' colleges and parameters specific to the colleges of Specific education, and then joined the Faculty of Specific Education with its sections to Ain Shams University in 1998, and in the same year, a decision was Republican open the door for admission to the Graduate Diploma and a Masters and PhD in certain disciplines, and then included the Faculty of Specific Education, Ain Shams University to the College of Education, under the name of specification sections, in accordance with the decision of the university president in 2009, which came in implementation of the decision of the President of the Republic, and then issued another decision in 2012 Faculty of Specific Education to normal and its separation from the Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University.


The beginning of the separation of the faculty of Education, where we have been working hard on the project planet that did not complete within the project handed over the College of Education, because of the separation.


- Is work on the project still stalled so far?

No …we started working a while ago by strides  with advanced team of distinguished faculty and teaching assistants, and we plan to get C-Cap project during the coming period, and it comes in the context of the college's quest for quality certification.


To what extent the university cooperation with you in this activity and work?


There is great cooperation and lasting support from the university with regard to work towards the adoption of quality, Prof. Dr. Ali Abdul Aziz, Vice President for Graduate Studies, and Prof. Dr. Salah Yassin Bakri, Director of Center for Quality Assurance, and members of the center-quality university paying the faculty more material and moral support.


- shall we understand that you have enough material support to accomplish this ambition quickly?


There is financial support, but it is weak and limited but it is great and clear in moral support.


- When did you receive this job assignment in the faculty as dean? What is your career hierarchy?


At first I got to this position after a career progression where I was head of the Department of Music Education and then as a vice of the faculty of Education and Students Affairs, In the first of August 2013, elections were held for the selection of Dean to always win this honor entrusted me first dean elected to the faculty.


- What is your work next plan?


Our plan is to develop and improve overall performance in addition to obtaining the adoption of quality.


- Is there a specific time frame you put to reach these goals?


We seek to achieve our goals with faith and determination, and the proof of that start to work hard to put the rules of this institution, which allow us to get C-Cap project as one of the ways of the human and material support for the adoption of quality.


- What are the achievements that you achieved since your assumption?


I've been restructuring Arts Center to provide greater service to the community, has been organizing training courses in the fields of music, home economics and art education majors quality has got the approval of the university that takes center arts college to establish all the concerts, as well as the organization of conferences, and design all the posters and billboards through specialists specialties of faculty and at the university level, as longer sessions for people with special needs in agreement with Prof. Dr. Mohammed al-Husseini Toukhi ,Vice President for Education and students, and we got the approval of the Board of Open-Education to professional diplomas provided by the faculty, which will not start working out effective From the next academic year 2014-2015, a professional diploma to teach Fine Arts, Diploma and professional music education for those with high qualifications.


Add to all that, Faculty of Specific Education participated in Nations Festival and got a shield from the festival through its participation in musical performances and visual arts.


On the other hand it is being modified bachelor regulations, and list of graduate credit hours system is being modified.


- Do you have any new posts or anticipated activities during the coming period?


We will be organizing the playing festival artist (Naseer Shamma) during this month and being agreed with the Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development prof. Dr. Abdul Wahab Mohamed Ezzat and agreement with the Minister of Culture for the Open Air Theatre at the Opera House free of charge to be held the ceremony, which was donated by the musician for the benefit of faculty Theater building.


- What are the services provided by the Faculty for the various institutions of society?


We managed to get a license to two rooms next to the faculty, and will be commissioned as production units, and the two are detailed furnishings own family of hospitals and medical dressing in faculty.


We participated in convoys’ service environment in the neighborhood of Waili, an integrated convoys to serve the people of the region.


The faculty providing experience and competence in the field of training teams and products of university faculties in the field of career, choir and fine arts.


- What are the conventions of local, regional and international concluded by the faculty with universities or institutions, domestic or international?


Protocol was held with the Ministry of Education to organize a campaign to Beautify Schools in Waily District and still work in progress on it.


It has also been engaging with the Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University to grant a diploma to an educational non-qualified educationally, which includes the training of 175 thousand people to prepare them educationally.


- Have you been conducting any maintenance or development of the infrastructure of the faculty since your assumption? What are the Faculty steps in the near future?


We have agreed with the Director of Misr Bank to support the maintenance of the theater after it burned down 4 years ago, as we seek to maintain this building, which is considered archaeological Palace in Talaat Harb, who set up the Arab Lady Umm Kulthum singing some of her concerts.


It was introduced a new computer lab, has been developed in faculty Park and planted about a month ago, has also been established cafeteria for students will be rented during the coming period, as well as updated restrooms, and subjecting (10) classrooms for maintenance, as well as the introduction of (4) another room and take advantage of space car park.


Comes along with all that supply all the lecture halls in units of sophisticated audio and Data Show.


As has been the provision of large burning ovens for art education.


It was inclusion within the timetable for the establishment of a modern university faculties buildings create two-story building will be held beside cafeteria, includes many of the classrooms, laboratories and faculty rooms.


It is worth noting that the faculty will participate in a conference sponsored by the Vice President for Graduate Studies prof. Dr. Ali Abdul Aziz under the title Studies interfaces, and our participation will be through a working paper on how music therapy.


In a related development, an international conference will be held in the faculty specialties during the coming period, with the activation of the scientific process altogether.


- The majority of departments and disciplines of Faculty is located in other faculties so what is the distinctive character in the Faculty of Specific Education?


That's right, the majority of faculty departments and specialties found in other faculties are different, except for sections of music and home economics understanding should consist mainly unique to college, as well as the presence of breeding programs, especially for all disciplines of the faculty and this is what is unique to the Faculty of Specific Education, Ain Shams University at the level of the republic.