Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University works in accordance with the basic message that it wants to achieve and put work plans that have

- What is the plan to improve the performance of the faculty?

We do not have a specific plan, but we care about the faculty's relationship with the outside community (basic message), On the one hand we seek to recruit students with several companies as a TE DATA affiliated to the Ministry of Communications' service to hire faculty graduates. "

On the other hand during the meetings of the Faculty Council, we are seeking to improve the environment surrounding the University in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering and under the umbrella of the University of the decisions, programs and characterization of a reality with the Association of Urban thought, and organize workshops divided into several teams in Abbasia to discuss the fundamental problems booting to enter the stage of writing research or decisions.


On the other hand there is a literacy project, which includes the training of trainers and trainees, beside that faculty of Arts signed a protocol with the General Authority for Adult Education, as well as the university signed a protocol with the General Authority for Adult Education.


- What are the departments or programs developed at the faculty this year?


The syllabus supposed to be description of reality, as well as the activity of human development through the service, psychological and social studies, and I will strive to achieve it.


- Do you expect the establishment of new sections at the faculty in the coming period?


No, but on the contrary, it has been ripped off and boarded the media section for faculty and transfer to the Toshka classes.


- Every Faculty has its own budget allocated to it by the university, Is it enough to provide all the capabilities that you need in the faculty?


It is not enough, it needs to be increased to provide better services, especially in the cleanliness and maintenance of the faculty.


- Does the Faculty has sought to provide a self-entered, and how you managed to achieve it?


The Faculty is trying to generate self-income through (courses, such as development of human but not activated yet) is supposed to include many adherents of the cycle, but we suffer from weak advertising.


- What are the actions you are taking to raise the level of performance?


There are no procedures as quality office headed by Ms. Najwa Abu Enein where everyone works a particular activity and trying to play with the best.


And therefore activities will be limited in the following:


  1. Sometimes courses (career guidance) who wish to attend some of this office.



  1. Activity and seriousness



  1. Reward and punishment, but I do not like it. Both has its tasks performed by himself.



- will you establish new facilities or new section this year?


Of course, we need more laboratories, auditoriums and especially throughout the school year.


- Is maintenance operations conducted in the faculty?


We have contracts with maintenance companies but require considerable time and the maintenance process is going slowly, coupled with the weakness of the possibilities for the purchase of spare parts, especially with the lack of spare parts in the faculty for the lack of financial process.


- Is the number of available laboratories in the faculty are enough?


There are Laboratories ready but there are no possibilities to buy air conditioning, and we sent a letter to the Ministry for the purchase of air conditioning to the labs, and I hope to be the biggest potential, as previous air conditions was to buy them so as not to incur significant losses on the state.


- To what extent the number of devices in laboratories matched with the number of students?


This distribution is the prerogative of the Computer Unit because the first year students have a computer material is obligatory subject.


- What is the extent of cooperation between you and the other universities, both at home and abroad?


It has been providing missions of the University for All Departments of the faculty, but few in number, and not a condition to be from the Faculty of Arts.

- What is the extent of cooperation between the faculty and the sector of Environmental Affairs and Egyptians researchers who are abroad?


Cooperation between us and the Faculty of Engineering in the best frame as d / Maysa El Mofty made ​​Literacy Project, as well as cooperation with the University of Cairo, and cooperation between the faculties of the university's Open Learning.


University of Ain ​​Shams University and COMMTEL abroad in the field of psychology, but it is not enabled.


There is exchange and cooperation between faculty members of the Department of Oriental languages ​​and other countries, especially Turkey.


Sustained ambitions for development, and serious efforts at modernization, in conjunction with attempts to provide the self-potential and budgets, so it seems the Faculty of Arts at the University of Ain ​​Shams ... an eye on the future, and eye see the real fact  in a desire to development ...