Launch of preparing student leaders program at Ain Shams University

By: Rabab Nassar

In accordance with the recommendations issued by the National Conference on Youth in its sixth edition, which states that "the Prime Minister in coordination with the Supreme Council of Universities to establish a plan at the state level for the return of sports, artistic and cultural activities in Egyptian universities and provide the necessary means to achieve this." The Students Union of Ain Shams University is organized under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Abdel Wahab Ezzat, President of the University "Program for the preparation of student leaders" from 6 August to 9 September.

Mr. Samir Abdel Nasser, the Secretary General of the University and the General Supervisor of the program stated and explained that the program of preparing student leaders is held at the University's Universities in Matrouh and Ras Al Bar. The program includes a number of educational, sports, artistic and recreational activities as well as lectures and seminars in the field of leadership development.

The director of the General Directorate of Youth Welfare, Mrs. Sahar Meghid, said that personal interviews were held with the students of the various faculties of the university, where he withdrew the forms of participation in the program 1247 students, offering them for the personal interview 475 students, 270 were selected to participate and benefit of the program.

Mr. Tarek Ahmed Director of Family Management Directorate General of Youth Welfare added that there are three regiments, each group includes 90 students and the university bears the costs of participation and accommodation throughout the camp.

The first group is scheduled to travel to Ras Al Bar city from August 6 to August 10 and the second group from 14:10 in August. The third group will be held at the University camp in Matruh governorate on September 5.