Al-Kellany: Faculty of Arts launches the Youth and Future Industry Conference with the participation of Al-Azhar and the Church.

By: Walaa Abdel Salam, Mariam Yaqout

The Organizing Committee of the Youth and Future Industry Conference, which is scheduled to be held by the Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University, was held Sunday (February 25th) at Triumph Hotel, headed by Dr. Suzan Al-Kellany, Dean of the Faculty and member of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation.

She stressed that the conference tackles 6 main themes through discussing about 63 researches over seven sessions in two days in addition to the opening and main session: the reality and future of youth and their role in building societies, the role of youth with special needs in building the country, the role of youth and the media in the prospect of the future and the youth and national projects. She pointed out that nearly 90% of the research is produced by young Arab and Egyptian researchers, and the conference uses young people in the preparation and organization and as rapporteurs of the sessions.