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VP for Community Service

- Supervise the preparation of plans and programs to ensure the achievement of the university's role in community service and environment development.


- Supervise the Department of Special Units, which provide services or some of its services to non-students except university hospitals.


- Supervise the university facilities that provide services to non-students.


- Supervise the implementation of the various types of training programs for civil servants , public sector and the private sector, whether ongoing training or converted.


- Supervise the technical and vocational training to the public.


- Supervise the organizing conferences, seminars and public lectures targeting community service and environment development.


- Supervision of making applied research conducted to calculate companies and others at home or abroad.


-Examine the reports and recommendations of faculty conferences for scientific community service and environment development before display on the University Council.


- Follow up the implementation of decisions of the Supreme Council of Universities and the University Council in the affairs of community service and environment development.