Sustainability webpage Establishing A New Master Degree in Sustainable Crop Protectuion, Joint mAster of Mediterranean initiatives on renwable and sustainable energy( JAMILA), 
Energy conservation program  Innovative Techniques for Design and Manufacturing of Wind Turbine Blades ,  Connection of Power Wind Energy to National Grid, Experimental Investigation Using Particle Shadow Velocimetry for Validation of a Computational Model of a Novel Wind Turbine, Nanostructers materials for solar energy conversion, Development of an advanced high- efficient lowcost power –generation with minimum carbon emission from hybrid-fuel supplies, preparation and characterization of enhanced nickel modified electrode as a low cost high efficient DAEFC electrode, 
Water conservation program  compact low cost wastewater treatment plant for energy recovery and effluent reuse in irrigation, Innovative System using Fabrics Filters for waste water treatment in small Communities, 
Recycle program  Egypt Solid Waste Management Center of Excellence
Transportation policy  The University has 152 buses and 34 other vehicles used in transportation of University employees between their residence and the university premises