Scholarships for scientific missions from an Italian university


Training grants of India for 2017/2018


Scholarships offered by the American Fulbright Foundation


5th SMARTEX-2015 Egypt (World Textiles Conference), Engineering - Applied Arts- Specific Sciences]


The 7th Advanced Summer School


launching of the first call of proposals within JESOR-Development program  starting from 22nd February 2015






Nanobiotechnology Training course 3-5 March 2015, Faculty of Postgraduate Studies for Advanced Sciences, Beni-Suef University


International Trade Fair of the Muslim world in 2014


Scientific Newsletter


Thirty-third International Conference of Minia University at Faculty of Arts under the title of “Identity in a changing world”


Scholarships for scientific research between Egypt and Germany


Scholarship from South Korea, 2014-2015


Third International Conference on Psychology and Sociology


Conference under the title of "The role of scientific research and technology in the development of axis of the Suez Canal support project


1st National Conference of strategies to meet the challenges of education and scientific research in the Egyptian universities


Litter on the request from Science and Technology University in Sana'a about cadres nomination


Litter on the announcement of the missions plan for the third year


Workshop in the field of Nanotechnology and its applications


8 full scholarships to African nationalities to study at the Institute of Natural Resources, Environment and Sustainable Development at Harcourt University, Nigeria


The announcement to organize a workshop entitled “Environmental engineering systems to reduce radioactive contamination”


Grants from the Korean Development governmental Institute


Grants from the Government of the Czech Republic


Hosting E-Learning Conference


Nominations to second year missions of the five-year plan 2012-2017


The master's program in geographic information system


International Education Fair in Moscow


Workshop in the field of radiation protection in the medical field


A training course for distance education about the use of indicators in monitoring of Higher Education for 2014


Personal interview “professional coach course”


Global Conference in Mathematics Science Education


Faculty of Arts at Beni Suef University grants bachelor's degree for new program of translation to students.


8 grants to study Masters at the Institute of Natural Resources in Nigeria


Invitation to publish the magazine of the International Humanities and Social Sciences at Beni Suef University


Announcement of a new program in Bachelor of Food Safety


The First International Workshop: Nanotechnology from the laboratory to industry at South Valley University


Research grants from the European Union


Training courses at the International Science and Technology center - Kuala Lumpur


Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman ninth Award in 2014


Prize of Criticism Research - seventh session of 2014


Second training program for the King Hussein Foundation in 2014


Workshop of laboratory techniques and applications


Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation


Workshop in the field of "safety of labs used for radioactive sources"


UNESCO L'Oreal Award for Women in physics in 2014


Arab Women Award in Science and Technology for Development in 2014


Workshop: radiological environmental awareness for employees of HR petroleum and industrial


Workshop: radiological environmental awareness for petroleum and industrial Organization employees


UNESCO Prize - Equatorial Guinea international research in the field of life sciences in 2014


The Japanese government provides grants for Egyptians Research students for 2015


A grant from Mexico


Grants from the Turkish Government


Grants from Slovakia


Workshop on environmental radiation monitoring and evaluation of environmental disasters


Specialized training Diploma in Jordan


Extend the duration of receiving researches of scientific awards to May


Workshop on applications of radioactive isotopes in the oil field


Bahrain Exhibition of Training and Education II


A workshop on the role of first responders to emergencies radiological and nuclear


Workshop on the quality of equipment for diagnostic and therapeutic X-ray


Suez Canal University organizes the Sixth International Conference on Environmental Science


Joint Scholarships between UNESCO and the Sustainable Energy Development Center in Moscow


Allocation for 8 scholarships and training programs


Grants from African university to study master and PhD


Islamic capitals Organization Conference


Opening the door to apply for Fulbright grants 2015- 2016 summer program for young scientists