The main goal of the Management of financial and administrative guidance is making sure of the application of laws , regulations , financial instructions and administrative and directing university employees to perform work in a perfect way  , unify the style of its performance with the development of all the various places at university to reach the best performance and take it out the best ways to performance, with the exception of what taint this application of appear irregularities during a review of the business , which requires the presence of work report by the cover shortcomings and suggest ways of solution and treatment and submit it to Messrs. officials to determine the nature of the workflow in the university in terms of financial and administrative way , and take what they see as appropriate to realize these irregularities in the future.


- This administration is considered one of the most effective and influential departments as it is the first oversight administration in university and serves as the eyes of the leaders of the university, which see through it the nature of the conduct of financial and administrative works in institutes and faculties of the university and its operating units.

- The job of (guide - inspector - observer) is considered one of the main administrative functions that is located at the end stages of the administrative activity where involving the measurement of the results of the work of subordinates to figure out the points of distractions and correct their mistakes in order to make sure that the plans are drawn have been carried out and that the set goals have been achieved to the fullest and this is clear through (guidance - inspection - control) have strong relationship with the results of working on the project.


- As the guidance job has a strong link to the function of planning if the Department was able to carry out the best planning, organization and leadership ,they undoubtedly still lack the job to identify the extent of success in achieving those plans and objectives and of doing the job to make sure the application of plans to achieve the goals in the project is the one who are working in management of financial and administrative guidance under the name of (guide - inspector - observer) and whatever was the name, they face a regulatory guidelines of the first class which goal is to make sure of the correct application of regulations and laws , the proper functioning , quality performance and high accuracy.