- Announcement of grants received by the University of the Various Parties and reported to university colleges and institutes both within its own jurisdiction.

2 - Do all the executive procedures for the nomination of faculty staff to travel in scholarships to foreign universities to get a master's degree or doctorate.

3 - Prepare the statement of the names of the members of the teaching faculties and institutes of the university who are traveling in scholarships.

4 - Cooperation with guidance Office of grants in Faculty of Medicine to assist researchers in obtaining grants (internal - external) and organize among faculty staff.

5 - The University is committed to pay the salaries of faculty staff for all the duration of the grant


Type Annual Value (nb of recipients x annual scholarship amount Annual recipient number % fees met Annual Scholarship amount Currency Funded by the university only (Y/N)
extended modular program (Faculty of Medicine)   3 100 165000 EGP No
extended modular program (Faculty of Medicine)   7 30 130000 EGP No