Papers are submitted to the public administration to accept the granting of foreign students at the Ministry of Higher Education in Cairo as of 3/6 to 31/8 of each year.

• The public administration for expatriates in the ministry shall submit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Office of Arab affairs in the Presidency of the Republic and the concerned embassies with the papers and requests for admission to the limits of what is allocated to these entities in numbers no later than August 31 of each year.

• The embassies shall provide the public administration for expatriatestudentswith updated and certified candidates (and does not accept pictures of the certificates) no later than 30 September of each year.

• Student is accept at the faculty according to the specified places for each nationality in the ministry and after consulting the concerned authorities (Security).

• The public administration for acceptance and granting of foreign students to send files of students coming to universities which have been accepted and the student to go to his faculty to complete the enrollment procedures.

The treatment of the expatriate student on the basis of nationality Nominated by financially and is treated on the basis that the graduating In the case of obtaining Egyptian citizenship through his study are treated financially as Egyptian student as his reward excellence distracted from the following year for having a nationality.