The main functions of reference of Education and Student Affairs

  1. Follow up the implementation of universities regulating law and its implementing regulations with respect to education and student affairs and internal regulations of the university faculties and institutes.
  2. Suggest the systems, programs and methods that ensure the proper functioning of departments of licentiate and bachelors for faculties of the University.
  3. Follow up the implementation of the decisions of the Supreme Council of Universities and the University Council and the Council of Education and Student Affairs.
  4. Supervision on the management that follow the departments of public and private registration, exams, study and secretarial.
  5. Follow scientific developments in systems, programs and methods of study and exams in licentiate sections in universities around the world and work to take advantage of these developments raise improve the level of systems and programs applied in the faculties of the university.
  6. Supervising the application of the rules and regulations prescribed for study and examination licentiate and BA departments in faculties of the university and provide technical assistance for the development, boost the efficiency and overcome what might encounter problems.
  7. Propose the organization of programs, modes and methods of study and examination systems licentiate and BS departments.
  8. Keep an integrated data and information of bachelor's and licentiate students, programs, the methods and systems of the study and exams in licentiate and BS sections.
  9. Participate in the preparation for the meetings of the Board of Technical Education and Student Affairs and take executive action to implement its decisions.
  10. Supervising certificate editor of licentiate certificates stage, bachelor's and graduate studies.
  11. Review results and approval of the competent authority