Faculty staff Club

Foundation of the club

While faculty staff thought of establishing club where they can practice their activity and to meet them outside the university so they saw it the right thing to solve the existing faculty association and transfer balance to create a faculty club.

- When the Council of Ain Shams University discussed this and approved by the idea and considered himself with its members as Association members for this club.

The university allocated at that time, $ 500 LE subsidy from its budget for this purpose has been developed the first essential system to the club members of the faculty at the University of Ain ​​Shams, where agreed on the list of the statute of the University Council on Wednesday, 4 April 1956, the list consists of 35 article which states Article 6 on the annual subscription of two hundred and forty penny may be paid in monthly installments and increase participation by half in the case of family subscription (wife and children) to pay an enrollment fee estimated by two pounds paid by member at enrollment.

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