1 - The student must be from non-residents of Greater Cairo

2 - The student must has a high secondary school from outside of Greater Cairo.

3 - The student must be enrolled in regular in BA or BS departments.

4 - It should not be issued against him one of the disciplinary penalties stipulated in the Regulations to the law regulating universities or university hostel list.

5 - To be paid the faculty tuition in the faculty he enrolled in.

6 - Not be financial dues to university hostel or faculty or university.

7 - To fulfill the request of university accommodation in the hostel, all documents, declarations and the required signatures and seals.

8 - One copy of the national ID card (for male / female students).

9 - One copy of the national ID card (guardian)

10 - One copy of the national ID card (the guarantor).

11 - Pass a medical examination and required medical tests.

12 - The adoption of the guarantor is supported on the one hand work to pay dues when necessary.

13- (16) photograph (4 × 6).


Assets documents are required to be submitted for consultation.


(Areas in Qalubia outside the scope of Greater Cairo and has the right of housing (Shebin al-qanater - Tukh - Banha - Kafr Shukr)

(Areas in Giza outside Greater Cairo and has the right of housing (el-saf - Atfih – Al-Ayat - Badrasheen – Alihuamde,menshat al- Qanater addition to Al-wahat)

(Areas in Qalubia within Greater Cairo (Khanka - Alkhesos - Qalyoub - Qanater - Shubra Al Khaimah)

That financial rules are applied for each case, according to The Rules of Procedure of the hostels and nutrition

Ain Shams University has the right to accept or reject the accommodation request in university hostel, without giving reasons, and in accordance with the absorptive capacity and priorities of acceptance in accordance with its internal regulations.