1)      Enrollment Steps to join the hostel - Ain Shams University

2)      Access to electronic gate of the Egyptian government

Click on the icon (Service Office for the Coordination of acceptance in hostel), and then enrollment services page for acceptance in hostel will appear on a page of the Supreme Council of Universities - portal services - hostel enrollment which include (5) applications as follows:

Query for the dates of submission to university hostel.

Submit request of enrollment to hostel.

Amendment data of enrollment request.

Query for admission to the university hostel.

Instructions and guidelines for disclosure download.

3)      Through applications described above student can submit to the University hostel of the University that student admitted to it, by filling out an application and then register it, then university hostel examine the application in light of the admission requirements in hostel and then send an email to the student to inform him of his right to join the hostel or non-eligibility to enroll in university hostel.

4)      In case of application of conditions on the student so that he reserves the right to residence university hostel for the student first before going to the hostel administration printed models listed on the last application described above (Instructions and guidelines and download representations) and then choose (Ain Shams University) and then pressing the (Display Help)then printed documents listed the bottom of the page, and for the document (certificate to ensure payment of financial dues to the University), the student in nature and end of the importance of his province before heading to the hostel administration.

5)      The student shall go to the hostel's administration to complete the papers of university hostel.