professors May be transferred from major to another in the same faculty or institute and the transfer of faculty members from section to another in the same faculty or institute is considered a decision of University Council based on the proposal of the Faculty Council and after consulting the board of the department or the sections concerned, also may be transferred from a faculty or Institute to another faculty or institute in the university with a decision of the Council of the university after taking the opinion of both boards of university or institutes and the relevant section in each of them.

faculty members May be transferred from the University to other universities under this law after the approval of both boards of the two universities and taking the opinion of the faculty or institutes councils and boards of relevant departments.

No transfer request may be presented to the University Council only after taking the opinion of the Standing Scientific Committee competent regarding the transfer of professors from one specialty to another and transfer of assistant professors from section to another is similar.

faculty members may be assigned for a specified period from one university to another or to do a job and other public decision of the President of the University based on the approval of the competent faculty after taking the opinion of the board of the concerned department, and assignment all the time is considered subject to the provisions of secondment




secondment by a decision of the head of the university after taking the opinion of the faculty Board or the concerned Institute.

The secondment is determined for a period of two years, renewable once by a decision of the competent university president, and University Council may renew the secondment for another term.

secondment is determined for a period of two years, renewable once, except as required by the national interest, secondment shall be renewable twice and a secondment person receive salary from the body that he seconded to it, however, may in special circumstances to lead the university salary and calculates a loan to remuneration or pension that the lead faculty member loan that reserve them, and treats with respect to his seniority and bonuses owed ​​to him as if he were in the university and keeps him in general all the features and function.

The President of the cabinet may, in required cases by the national interest, renewed again and more upon the submission of the competent minister of higher education.

function of seconded person may fill its degrees When was seconded without pay from his university for a period of at least three years for professors and at least a year for the rest of the faculty members, and that no more than what running of the functions loaned to a fifth of all jobs scheduled for each class at the faculty or institute, may not fill the job on seconded rather than another seconded.

If the seconded person returned to work at the University of job-free degree or served its original function in a personal capacity to be settled in the first condition and function without his original degree


Faculty staff May be mandate for a limited period from the University or any other decision of the board of the department, faculty, and the approval of Mr. Rector and the mandate is considered as secondments every time without pay subject to the provisions of secondments


Scientific devotion leave

Masters may be Licensed in Scientific devotion leave inside or outside the Republic for a year to have a salary, but after spending six years in the professor even those acting with no license in the license for more than a professor and one in each section and after the ratification of the scientific method or technical - and issue a decision from Mr. Rector after the approval of the Council of postgraduate Studies