Prof. D. Mohammad Al Husseini Al Toukhi - Vice President for Education and Student Affairs (Chairman)

Prof. Salah Abdel Azim Mohamed - Assistant Secretary in University for Education and Student Affairs (Member)

Prof. D.Ibrahim Fathi Mohammed Shaker – Professor at Faculty of Engineering (member)

Prof. D. Muhammad Ali Lutfi - Professor at the Faculty of Commerce (member)

Prof. Abdul Latif Ibrahim - General Manager of the printing press (member)

General Manager of university accounts (member)

Three employees in printing press (selected free direct election) are:

• Salah Mohamed Ezzat

• Abdul Khaliq Hasan

• Mohamed Atta Mohammed

Functions of the Board:

• Planning to achieve the goals that the printing press was established.

• put work plan at the beginning of each fiscal year and to identify services that can be performed for others.

· Review of periodic reports that provide for workflow in the printing press.

• put the governing rules for contracts entered into with third parties in the areas of work of the printing press.

• put regulations for granting of incentives and rewards for employees in printing press, with a commitment to the provisions of Law No. 49 of 1972 on the university organization and its implementing regulations, as amended, for non-faculty members shall comply with the provisions Articles 42, 50, 51 of Law No. 47 of 1978 on the system of civilian workers and its executive, as amended, as well as the pay scale facilities with the law.

· Approval of the annual budget draft and final account Press in preparation for submission to the competent authorities.

· Proposal to accept donations, subsidies, grants and donations that are consistent with the objectives of the printing press, taking into account the acceptance of authorities.

· Approve the selection of national experts and temporary workers inside and outside the university, with a commitment to the resolutions and Minister of State for Administrative Development, Digital 24, 25 for the year 1997.

· Consider in both what Chairman sees that it subjects to matters within its terms of reference.