Prof. D. Vice President for Education and Student Affairs                                                Chairman

Prof. D. Dean of the Faculty of Medicine                                                                      Member

Prof. D. Dean of Faculty of Law                                                                                   Member

General Secretary of the university                                                                              Member

Assistant Secretary of theUniversityofEducationand Student Affairs                                  Member

Supervisors Faculty staff in hostels (male students /female students) and nutrition          Members

General Manager of university hostels                                                                         Member

General Manager of Nutrition                                                                                      Member

General Manager of Medical Affairs                                                                              Member

General Manager of Engineering Affairs                                                                        Member

Manager of University hostels (male students)                                                              Member

Manager of University hostels (female students)                                                            Member

One of the members of the Secretariat of the Office of the competent Assistant Secretary in university              Secretary


Functions of the Board:

The management Board of university hostels and nutrition is concerned with policy proposal for hostels and supervise the implementation of labor regulations in university hostels and nutrition