The Ministry of Higher Education set within the urgent priorities, the introduction and development of information and communication technology in the organization of higher education, And this can be seen through the third axis of the system of higher education in Egypt's future, and that the employment of information and communication technologies to raise the capacity of educational, research and administrative system of higher education and scientific research, It also aims to the continued development of the scientific and training programs and curricula and teaching methods with new patterns of education to keep pace with the global development and cover the growing demand for higher education, And that requires to take advantage of the sources of information and libraries throughout the world, with the lifting capacity and skills of the academic and administrative staff in higher education institutions and scientific research in dealing with information and communication technologies and multimedia.

The activation of the role for the project to develop information systems and technology in higher education (ICTP) As one of the key elements in the Loan Agreement between Egypt and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the Loan Agreement No. EGT 4658 and which has been ratified by the parliament on June 18, 2002) Which aims to support and finance the priority areas in the strategic plan of the Higher Education Development Project, so the project financing the development of management information systems at universities raise the efficiency of the administrative system in higher education institutions for the benefit of the quality and efficiency of provided education.

Project objectives:

The main objective of this project is to establish an integrated management information system which enables us to automate vital administrative processes within the university. This can be achieved through:

1 - Decision Support

2 - Improving the services provided to each of the graduates, students and faculty staff.

3 - Improving the accuracy of the monitoring and management of student data within the university.

4- Achieve the flow the work within the different departments of the university.

5 - Building strong and continuous relationships inside and outside the campus.

Phases of the implementation of the project:

1 - Buy needed computers for the project and distributed to faculties and departments at the university.

2 - Collect the necessary data for the system.

3 - System analysis and find out the inputs and outputs.

4 - Make an initial vision of the system that work of its initial screens.

5 – Make seminars with faculty staff and departments concerned and display screens for the proposed system to make sure that it meets the requirements of the concerned authorities.

6 - Download the hardware and data entry on the system or transfer of the proposed regulations from the center.

7 - Make an initial test of the required functions of it at different levels.

8 - Receive system.

Key achievements:

1 - Center for Management Information Systems in universities Supplied with hardware and trained technical personnel that able to continue to run the systems.

2 - Development of standardized systems for student affairs and postgraduate studies, faculty staff, study schedules, control room and making exams at all universities, and linked to E-coordination and the Supreme Council of Universities.

3 - All regulations and students enrolled was loaded in their faculties, computers, printers and scanners were also provided for work.

Outputs of the project

1 - Create a strong and effective management information system.

2 – Achieve the integration of sophisticated management information systems and other available systems from the Ministry of Administrative Development.

3 – Prepare the data electronically to include the process of data entry and transfer.

4 - Good training for faculty staff in various university departments.

5 - Integrated Training for the technical team to manage and maintain the system, this team will be able to modify the system to reach the main goal of the project which is an integrated electronic system to manage all administrative processes within the university faculties and its various departments.

Beneficiaries of the project:

1 - Faculty and institutes students in university.

2 - Postgraduate students.

3 – Graduates

4 - Faculty staff.

5 – Faculty Employees in departments on campus.

Selected faculties for the implementation of the project:

1 – Faculty of Women of Science, Arts and Education.

2 - Faculty of Nursing.

Plan to ensure the continuity of the project:

Ensuring the continuity of the project through the return of material that can be achieved through:

1 - Allocate part of the annual expenses of the university students in favor of the center in exchange for services provided by the Center for: new students - university students - graduates - postgraduate students.

2 – Make specialized training courses in the field of information technology (such as specialized Microsoft courses - Oracle courses...)

3 - Make marketing services to external organizations through the free services provided by the project for each of the university students and staff.

4 – The University can provide institutional support through the establishment of a central unit to support, maintenance and development of information technology.

The size of entered data:

Some data of faculties was entered in terms of (the name, the stage, the status, seat number, section and type of education)

Activities related to the quality of the implementation of the project

Control project Quality, the strategy and monitoring methodology will be effective by contributing to all the activities that will take place in the project including but not limited to:

1 - Continue to review and follow the objectives of the project and its daily activities.

2 - Control the system through the criteria and standards to ensure the quality and integrated performance.

3 - Application of assessment programs for continuous improvement.

4 - Analysis of collected data and review of the required documents.

5 - Monitor and identify problems related to the development of the project through information management, data analysis and daily reporting.

6 - The application of a quality ensuring system through indicators to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the project and its various activities.

7 - Quality control through a specialized committee to assess the extent of progress in the completion of the course of the project and its applications.

8 - Quality assessment should include all activities included in the project through:

- put standards for the quality and efficiency of infrastructure for the project.

- Link between Ain Shams University faculties to collect data centrally and evaluated for quality standards.

Activities in the field of awareness of the project and its objectives within the university:

Awareness of the staff in University departments and faculty staff and students of the objectives and benefits to be achieved by the project through:

1 – Academic sessions.

2 - Workshops.

3 - Explanatory leaflets and brochures on the project for distribution to various university departments and its faculties.

4 - The project's website, which includes an explanation of the objectives and details of the project.

Thus, the various University faculties and departments are aware of the benefits and objectives of the project to achieve the cooperation and support of this project.

Activities and other tasks:

1 - Make similar system to the required systems to enter data in all departments that serve the faculty staff.

2 – Make similar system to the required systems to enter the data for student affairs at various faculties.

3 - Enter all student data from their own files in different faculties.

4 - Enter all data of faculty staff from their own files in the university administration.

Basic data of the project




Ain Shams University


Project title

Development project of management information systems (MIS)


Project Manager

D.Yasser Mohammed Abdul Latif



Means of communication

Tel: Fax: Mobile: 0101719601


اThe project's website:


Project management headquarters



Project start date









Team Work on the project from the university:

Project Management Team

Project Implementation Team





D.Hazem Mohammed Bahij

Monitor quality to assess the extent of progress in the completion of the course of the project and its applications

Ahmad Badr al-Din Muhammad

Technical support and maintenance

Inas Kamal Abed

Follow-up data entry in faculties and university administration

Dalia Ibrahim Saeed

Follow-up data entry in faculties and university administration

Reham Muhammed Atef

Follow-up data entry in faculties and university administration

Azza Abdel Fattah Mahmoud

Software Developer

Najla Talaat Muhammed

Software Developer