Main restaurants

University hostel restaurant (male students) - Restaurant University hostel (female students) – Nasr city Restaurant(two buildings) - Nasr City restaurant (4 Buildings) - Faculty of Agriculture restaurant - Faculty of Medicine Restaurant - Faculty of Engineering restaurant - medical surveillance restaurant - Faculty of Education Restaurant 

Organizational Structure

Administrative structure consists of General Director, Department of Finance & Administration, Central laboratory analyzes Procurement , stores management affairs, restaurants Department, Inspection and needs management first: Department of Finance and Administration consists of: Department of Financial Audit  that consists of ticket Administrative Affairs ,Section Division benefits, section of temporary workers , attendance unit and computer unit.

Administration functions

General Administration of feeding Provide three meals (breakfast - lunch - dinner) for university students living in hostels and provide these meals for 11 thousand students residing in university hostels and external houses through nine restaurant distributors as follows:


  1. Hostel’s restaurant (male)
  2. Hostel’s restaurant (female)
  3. Nasr City restaurant- female (two buildings)
  4. Nasr City restaurant- female (four buildings)
  5. Faculty of Agriculture restaurant
  6. Faculty of Engineering restaurant
  7. Faculty of Medicine restaurant
  8. Medical surveillance restaurant
  9. Faculty of Education restaurant