Universities can no longer be considered as educational institutions that are concerned with the

graduation of talent in various fields or consider it as research centers that conduct specialized


research, as it is no longer possible to any University to live in isolation from the surrounding

community with all the challenges it faces, the problems, aspirations and hopes.

So it has become the concept of community service and development environment, one of the most

important core functions of the University, which aims to interact with the surrounding community

and thedevelopment of the expertise of faculty members in order to achieve a university mission as 

abastion of human thought and experience center.

University of Ain ​​Shams was always proactive to develop the concept of community service

and development environment by: -

- Encourage the establishment of centers and the special units where it aims to:

Activating the role of the university in solving problems of society , contribute to the development


conducting specialized studies , configure databases, provide technical advice , design

programs for projects of national authorities and bodies.

- Activating the role of applied research in solving the problems of industrial and marketing.

- Organize comprehensive development convoys (medical - cultural - social - environmental).

- Organize Awareness campaigns to members of the community in various fields

(health - environmental - social).

- Cooperation with civil society organizations in various fields for community service and

environment development.

centers and the special units also seeking to develop itself always which aims to develop

scientific research that

contribute to the development of production and service activities provided so it plays an

important role

in the development of its own resources of the University and contribute to ease the

burden on the

state budget, especially with the current circumstances experienced by the state