First: Divisions of Art Education and Music Education:

Students can join them through the Office for the Coordination of students who passed the tests successfully that were held in faculty capacity and which is held after the end of exams

Second: DivisionofHomeEconomics:

Accept all students (male - female) who have a scientific high school (Science and math), literary.

Third: Divisions of educational technology and media education:

Accepts students that have General secondary with its two divisions (scientific and literary) through the Office of Coordination

Fourth: Division of Special Education of all divisions:

Enrollment is based on a request from the student desire to enroll in special education are nominated highest total for each Division

- For students who have industrial diplomas to be nominated by the Coordinating Bureau and in accordance with the disciplines who obtained it is distribution to the Education Technology Division and Home Economics for Divisions of educational media and art education after make capacity test.