1 - The student chooses the course starting from the second level based on his scientific and inclinations to take into account when choosing the following conditions for admission to various programs.

A - To be a successful student in the courses related to program requirements "specialized courses for each program," which is taught in the second semester in the first level, namely:

- The basics of vegetable production to join the production plant program.

- The basics of animal production and poultry for admission to the program of animal and poultry production.

- The basics of Food Science and Technology for admission to the program of Food Science and Technology.

- The basics of protection and plant diseases to join the program of prevention and plant diseases.

- Introduction to Biotechnology to join the biotechnology program.

- The basics of agricultural economy and rural community economic theory to join the program of Economic and Social Sciences.

2 - That students are distributed to these programs in accordance with the wishes of the student, taking into account the proposed acceptance numbers in these programs based on the capacity of the various scientific departments coefficient which follow these programs.

3 - that is the comparison between students for admission to a particular academic program on the basis of the cumulative total of the curriculum for the first level.

4 - Students are accepted in the academic programs taught in English, a biotechnology programs, organic farming and quality management as of the first level when they enter faculty, based on their desire and are differentiated between these students on the total scores in high school in addition to a degree in English.

English Division:

- there will be a comparison between students applying for admission to the Division on the basis of the total that student body corporate in the General Certificate of Secondary Education Scientific Section (Science) + English degree.