First: the French Division:

  1. That the student must get a General Certificate of Secondary Education (for this year) from a French school.
  2. Total of grads that qualifies acceptance of the Faculty of Law, University of Ain ​​Shams.
  3. Student pass a written and oral test in the French language knows the French Cultural Center in Cairo.
  4. the final Coordination for students is the following:

- The total number of degrees secondary public.

- The degree of high-level (Francais Eleve)

- The degree of French (Francais General)

- The degree of (the Alliance ou Delf ou Dalf).

- The degree of the written test.

- The degree of the oral test.

Second: English Division:

1 – The department accepts students who have general secondary school or its equivalent in the academic year 2013/2014.

2 - The total student scores in English in high school are at least 40 degrees at a rate of 80%.

3 - Regular study of the division.

4 – The department accepts transfer from other universities provided that they are transferred on the stated dates to be universities that have been before you close the door for admission in English division, and in accordance with the conditions determined by the Board of Directors of the Division.

5 - The student shall submit the required paperwork to join the English division in the faculty.

6 - The priority of acceptance in the division is in accordance with the cumulative total (total high school student in addition to the total grades in English). In case of equal preferably student with the highest total in the English language.

7 - English is required to be the first language for the student.

8- Accept cases of enrollment transfer with total acceptance of the Coordinating Bureau of the year to get high school