English Division:

General rules:

1 - It is not permissible to accept applications for admission to the division after the announcement of the result of acceptance.

2 - Any transfers may not be made in the division in all years.

Admission Requirements in the division:

  1. This is limited to students who have high school diploma and equation certificates and foreign certificates of all kinds of the same year, may not accept students from obtaining such a certificate from previous years.
  2. Required for high school students or equivalent on at least 85% of English degree if the first language, but if English is the second language by making the student gets 90% estimate also requires B for foreign holders of certificates of all kinds.
  3. Admission includes the following categories:

- students Obtaining the general secondary certificate in (scientific - literary) division and accept 100 students distributed to students division by the number of students applying from categories taking into account that French school graduates are not entitled to apply for divisions to study English and French at the same time and they choose one of the two divisions.

- students obtaining the foreign certificates and Arab equation certificates and give them 100 students from allocated places in General Secondary School with the distribution of these places are as follows:

  • 90% of students IG and the American Diploma distributed to them by applicants from each category.
  • 10% of students that have Arab equation certificates and foreign countries.

Comparison among students:

1 - 10% is added to the number of students admitted from all previous categories to cover the drag files cases.

2 - The degree of student in English is added in addition to the degree of private level if in English to the total student grades including private level without the incentive.

3 - Students are sorted in descending order until the acceptance of the required number according to the total specified in the previous step.

4 - In case of existence of equal legal students in total, students who have the same legal total are accepted.