1 - Acceptance of new and old students in the faculty, enrollment transfer under the following conditions: -

-  Pass a medical examination.

-  Pass the personal test to make sure of the validity of the student to teaching profession.

-  Distribution of students on faculty by the different sections depending on the degree of specialization and the needs of each department and potential.

2 – the faculty accepts transfer students of the first year and transfer their enrollment, but not exceeding the number of students for the capacity of the faculty in no later than one month from the date of the start of the study are as follows: -

Number of first year students (transferring from symmetrical faculties or moved enrollment, or transferred from public education to basic education within the faculty) to the divisions of languages ​​does not exceed 10% of the number of students enrolled in these divisions, and according to the highest grades.

The conversion and transfer in the scientific divisions taught in English Includes (Physics - Chemistry - Mathematics - geological and biological sciences) under the same conditions as acceptance of these sections.

French Department:

- The faculty accepts (60) students, according to the decision of the Supreme Council of Universities of obtaining secondary public according to these conditions:

- French language schools

- The student must have studied French as first language

- Provided they received (65%) of the total three languages ​​(Arabic - English - French).

German Department:

- The faculty accepts (10) students in accordance with the list of the faculty of the secondary recipients of the German language schools (German) Division, provided they receive (65%) of the total of three languages ​​(English - German - Second Language).