First: Enrollment transfer:

- The applicant must have a minimum total which was accepted by the faculty in the same year of receiving a secondary school.

- The applicant place of residence must follow the geographical distribution of the faculty.

- Acceptance in art Education and music education division in faculty requires that the student has passed the technical capacity test or successfully held musical faculty in the same year of receiving a secondary school certificate or its success exam capacity of the public arts in secondary school.

- Enrollment to technical certificates is transferred through the Office for the Coordination.

Second: transfer to the higher stages from a symmetrical faculty:

- The student must be successfully complete success in its faculty.

- Transfer in the same specialty with bringing scientific content in scheduled studied hours in its faculty    for making equation in subjects which are not to be considered and the higher stages after making equation provided a no more than three subjects.

- The student must not be dismissed from symmetrical faculty.

- Students may not transfer in the final stage.

Third: The inadmissibility of transfer students who are blind or disabled, or students of Al-Azhar.