1- Transfer from the Faculty of Languages ​​Minia University May be happened, but the conversion rate not increase than (1%) of the number of students admitted in each section separately.


2- the student afford assessed subjects at the Faculty of Al-Alsun , Ain Shams University - According to the new regulations which came into force from the academic year 2005/2006 and is present in the list of Faculty of Languages ​​Minya University with its demand to provide a certificate of certified studied subjects and scientific content.



3- Successful students in computer material are exempted of exam performance in the fourth stage after a certificate of success and are not counted in the cumulative total.


4- The Faculty makes equation of transferred student’s degrees in symmetrical subjects and in line with the grades in the new regulation.

5 – The faculty does not agree to accept transfereing students from the Faculty of Al Minia University of the second year to the third year because the number of subjects that should be on the student incurred in the framework of the overall list does not allow him to move to the higher stage.


6 - Because there is a difference between the list of regulation of the faculty and a list of the Faculty of Al Minia University has been approved in the faculty Board in 12.02.2013 not to accept students of the Faculty Age Minya only after holding exam for them in the language they teach will be calculated degree of the year in the list of the faculty during this exam and will accept the transfer requirement is to pass this exam successfully