Transferof thehigherstages:

1 - The student must be moved to higher stage, to accept students after ordering them according to their estimates and by no more than five (5%) of the number of students in the stage.

2 - The door of conversion is opened from 04.08.2013 until 08.25.2013.

3 – The student is transferred on condition of success in basic medical subjects and moving from one stage to another.

4 – The faculty does not mind admitting successful students in basic medical subjects and their non-core subjects (computer - human rights - English - behavioral sciences) as they do not impede the transition to the next stage.

5 - The student submits a statement of his study in faculty transferred from it explaining estimates and grades as well as the minor end and great for each of the subjects in which he succeeded and also the role of the exam given to the student as well as scores for clemency if there were any of it.

6 - The applicant must be a resident in the geographical distribution of the faculty and prove it (the delivery of light - gas - telephone).

7 - The student should not have been his transfer from a foreign university.

8 - That is to commitment with deadlines for transfer students both for new students or students in different stages will not be allowed to renew the transfer period to accept applications after the deadlines.

Faculty does not accept:

- Transfers of students who failed or postponed and who have the right to enter second round in their faculties.

- Transfers from within Greater Cairo

-Transfers from the Faculty of Medicine, Suez Canal University, only after the completion of a full academic stage (third stage).

-Transfer students that had access to a high qualification.

- Transfer to the second stage due to the different curriculum between faculties.

- Transfer after the fourth stage due to the different regulations of medical schools and courses.

Note: It is not the right of students transferring from other university to be resident in the university hostel.