First: General Rules:

1 - The student residence within the geographical areas of coordination, Ain Shams University, according to what is written in National ID card for students.

2 - Transfer requests are accepted centrally in university administration may not accept any applications after the specified period of time determined by the faculty.

3 - The priority should be to transfer students who have top grads for applicants and not be less than the total for the minimum acceptable to each specialty.

Faculty does not accept:

1 - Transfer to the higher stages from the first stage except military engineering faculties (according to the rules applicable).

2 - Transfers from the engineering faculties of universities in Greater Cairo (Cairo - Shubra - Helwan - El Matareya)

Second: transfertothefirststages:

- The student must be transferred to a higher stage in faculty transferred from in accordance with the decision of the Supreme Council of Universities.

- The Total grads should not be less than the minimum acceptable to each specialty.

3 - The maximum transfer (5%) of the total number according to the rules governed by the faculty.

Third: the transfer of military engineering faculties:

1- Must have resigned from these faculties for not fit the military and so a decision from the Council entirety and the cause should not be of chastisement reason.

2 - Required to transfer to the prep stage that the student must have obtained a minimum of the total that qualify for admission to the engineering at Ain Shams in years of getting a high school diploma or equivalent and be student residence within the geographical coordination of Ain ​​Shams University.

3 - For a transfer to higher stage, the student must make equation in studied subjects by the student knowing Faculty Departments.