First: thefirststage(enrollment transfer):

Required that the student must have the minimum grads that the faculty accepts in the year receiving a secondary school in the same year and fulfill the residency requirement in the geographical scope of the University, and a maximum of (2%) of the number of students admitted.

Second: Higherstages:

1-      The student must be successful student and moved to the higher stage in faculty that he transferred from it and the priority will be given to highest estimates and a maximum (2%) of the number of students enrolled from each stage.

2-      The student must be a resident in the geographical scope of the Ain Shams University.

3-      The student shall study all subjects imposed by the faculty and it considers essential for the study of student maximum subjects.

4-      The faculty allows to accept students transferring from (biology) division to study third year in (plant - animal - insects) specialties only, according to internal coordination in the faculty, and accepted students to study in(Microbiology - Biochemistry)departments with general grade (Excellence- very good).


Faculty does not accept:

- Transfer students from universities and faculties in Greater Cairo (Helwan University - Cairo University - Faculty of women).

- Menoufia University students due to different school system

Enrollment for higherqualifications:

(To be accepted in the third year in specialized divisions) subject to the following conditions:

- Full-time study

- General estimate (good) and estimate in specialization subject at least very good.

- provided that the expenses should be in accordance with the decision of the Supreme Council of Universities In case of failure to pay 150 pounds per subject in addition to tuition fees.

- The completion of military service

- Make equation specialization requirements.

For Teaching Assistants and in faculties and institutes, Ain Shams University, required obtaining the approval of the District Councils and faculty boards joined in faculties in specialized divisions.