First: For thefirststage:

1)      Enrollment transfer:

Enrollment is transferred to the First stage of the asymmetric faculties provided that the student must have total grades that accepted by the faculty in the same year of having secondary school.

Second: For thesecondandthirdstage:

1 - To be a successful student and Moved to a higher stage in faculty transferred from.

2 - To be in place of residence within the geographical distribution of the faculty.

3 - Transferred rate should not exceed (20%) of the number of enrolled students in the stage required to transfer.

Third: For the third stage in preparation of technicians:

- Students who are in preparing of technicians are transferred without regard to the type of general secondary certificate who obtained it before joining the institute.


1 - Not to accept any transfers to languages divisions from  ​​ symmetrical faculties for the academic year 2012/2013.

2 - Not to accept any transfers from the Faculties of Commerce in (Cairo - Helwan) Universities in (Greater Cairo).


Transferred are accepted by the General Administration of expatriates.