It is an honor and I am proud to be an Egyptian and blessed with belonging to this immaculate land, the land of peace and love and the great masses of the Egyptian youth who made a great revolution in the twenty-fifth of January 2011 against corruption by their peaceful and civilized manners joins me in this sense. I am happy in this context to mention some of the expressions of admiration that came out of the international community toward the Egyptian People's Revolution:

"We must educate our children to become such as the youth of Egypt" - Barack Obama - President of the United States of America. "Because for the first time we see people erupts and then clean up the streets after that," - CNN U.S...Not something new happens in Egypt, Egyptians as usual always make history - Silvion Berlusconi - the former Italian Prime Minister

It was from the early results of that revolution, the selection of university leadership election, was the late Mr. Alaa Fayez first elected president of Ain ​​Shams University, which we lost him after a tragic accident.

Ain Shams University Comes as the third oldest university in Egypt, which was established in 1950 under the name of Ibrahim Pasha University, which changed its name to Heliopolis in 1954 to change in the same year to its present name "Ain Shams." The University has 15 faculty and two institutes, seen throughout the long history of significant growth in the number of faculty members, students and researchers. The university started a number of 400-member faculty to reach that number in 2011 to 11,472, also jumped the number of students enrolled in the two phases Bachelor and licentiate of 7170 students to 100,425, adding the number 9828 of Researcher in postgraduate after having 330 researchers in 1950, and this is irrefutable evidence that the University's contribution in enriching the intellectual life in Egypt and the Arab world and a number of different countries of the world.

From the belief of Faith and recognition from the University of Ain ​​Shams with its responsibility as a prestigious university, research centers have contributed to that unparalleled in the national development plans in Egypt, also participated in community service through outstanding cadres in all fields of medicine, engineering, agricultural, economic, cultural and legal. There is a huge team of administrators behind the university professors and scientists respected and who are collaborating together honorable image of the university.

I am certainty convinced that through surfing for this directory you will feel that Ain Shams University is able to offer all outstanding ideas that will enable Egypt to assume the position they deserve among nations.