Several databases and information sector for community service and development environment was created, taking into account constantly update, including:

- Database of workers in centers and units.

- Database of performance assessment centers and units (financial - technical - administrative).

- Database of (conferences - seminars - Protocols - a report of participants in training courses).

Evaluation forms of training programs, applied research data forms of applied research budget, follow-up forms of scientific reports and financial assistance for applied research funded by the university budget.

Report the achievements of faculties and institutes during the academic year, "Competition for the best faculty."

Report of the accomplishments of the centers and the special units during the academic year, "Competition for the best center"

Update of community service sector and the development of the online environment Affairs concerning every university and includes the following data: the strategic plan for the sector - the annual plan for the departments - organizational structure - the terms of reference of the organs of the Vice - the achievements of the sector – versions