The idea of medical convoys was developed to comprehensive development convoys that have been developed and implemented by the sector in collaboration with the Departments of Community Service and Environmental Development in some faculties at the university, for example: -

- Comprehensive development of women Convoy in a popular neighborhoods of Ezbet El-Haggana (Faculty of Women) in partnership with various faculties at the university on the second half of 10/2008 first stage, vacation of the year 2009 second phase.

- Full development in village Abuasho Convoy – El-Tal El-Kbeer - Ismailia (Faculty of Specific Education, Faculty of Agriculture) 20/7/2008.

- Medical convoy in the village of El Mareekh - Shebeen El Qanatir (Faculty of Medicine) 26/12/2009.

- Therapeutic medical convoy in the village of nuwa - Qalyoub (Faculty of Dentistry) 15/1/2010.

- Use of sewage water in agriculture Convoy in the yellow mountain (Faculty of Science) 7/2/2010.

- Comprehensive development Convoy in Bayoumi and Mansheyet Abdel Moneim Riad zones in Shubra Al Khaimah (Faculty of Agriculture) 3/4/2010

Report on second comprehensive development convoy

Media coverage of Waily convoy

The final report of the convo