Excellent bachelor's degrees in Arts

The University board, on the recommendation of the faculty Board of bachelor's degree and Excellent Bachelor of Arts in one of the following specializations:


Persian Language and Literature



English Language and Literature


Hebrew Language and Literature


Arabic Language and Literature


Philosophical studies







Ancient European civilization









Tourism Guidance (in Arabic - in Persian)





Documents and libraries




Communication and Information Sciences

Islamic Nations languages ​​and literature:

1 - Persian Language and Literature

2 - Turkish Language and Literature

3 - Urdu Language and Literature


Period of study to obtain excellent bachelor's degree in the arts or a bachelor's degree in literature is four years and starting from the academic year 98/99. Study began in the following open education programs:

(Archaeological Studies / tourist / social development and planning)

Egyptian students enrolled in all academic college teams (1950_ 2000)

Evolution of the number of foreign students enrolled in college (1990_2000)

The number of graduates from 1950 to 2000

Chart of the evolution of the number of graduates 1990_2000

Chart of the evolution of the number of graduates 1950_2000