University President and Chairman of the Board  Prof. Dr / Abdel Wahab Mohammed Ezzat
Vice President for Student Affairs Prof. Dr / Fathi El Sharkawy
Vice President for society and the environment Prof. Dr / Nazmi AbdElhamid
Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research Prof. Dr / Abd EL-Nasser Badawi Sengab
Dean of the Faculty of Arts Prof. D/ Suzan Al-qelleny
Dean of the Institute of Studies and Research Prof. D/Hesham Ibrahim Ibrahim El-kasas
Dean of the Faculty of Nursing Prof. D/Salwa Samir Ahmed Kamel
Dean of the Faculty of Computers and Information Prof. D/ Mohammed Ismail Rushd
Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture Prof. D/  Ahmed Galal EL sayed
Dean of the Faculty of Languages (Al-Alsun) Prof. D/ Monab Foad Hasan
Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry Prof. D/ 
Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy Prof. D/
Dean of postgraduate Institute for Childhood Prof. D/ Hayam Kamal Mustafa Nazif
Dean of the Faculty of Science Prof. D/ Ahmed Ali Ismael
Dean of Faculty of Girls Prof. D/ Rokaya Hussien Ahmed Mohamed
Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Prof. D/ Mahmoud Ahmed Shawky
Dean of the Faculty of Law Prof. D/ Nagy Abd El-Moamen Mohamed
Dean Deputy of the Faculty of Commerce  Prof. D/ 
Dean Deputy of the Faculty of Engineering  Prof. D/Mohamed Ayman Ashour
Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Education  Prof. D/ Saeed Mohammed Sayed Khalil
Council member from abroad Prof. D/ Mohamed Awad Tag Eddin
Council member from abroad Prof. D/galal mostafa saied
Council member from abroad mr. /Mohamed mohmoud El-Etreby 
General Secretary of the university Mr./ Salah Abd El-Azeem