The university professors play distinctive role in the service of the university and scientific research and the nation and provide the fruit of their work and their experiences and expertise to enrich the educational process, the establishment of research schools, graduate generations of learners, researchers and recognition and honor of the professors, the university grant its distinctive professors the university discretionary award.

Article (1):

Fields award

The discretionary award is granted every year in each of the following areas

1)      Social Sciences "2 Awards"

2)      Literature and Arts Award "2 Awards "

3)      Basic Sciences Award

 4)      Engineering Sciences Award

 5)      Medical Science Prize "2 Awards "

 6)      Agricultural Science Award

7)  Technological Sciences Award

Article (2):

The award’s value:

(A)   Net value of the award is thirty thousand pounds (30,000 pounds).

 (B)   Granted person obtained from the University the Gold Medal and a certificate of appreciation.

Article (3):

Nomination Terms

1)      The award is granted to university professors.

2)      Require that the professor had spent at least ten years at Ain Shams University professor and spent the last five years in university-related "exception newly established colleges or which included the University of condition ten years, then eight years."

 3)      Require that the candidate has performed to the university and home clear scientific services and has a distinguished scientific school and innovative scientific and published researches, and also includes filtering scientific and career history , scientific literature , construction works, activity university and cultural manifestations of appreciation of scientific and national and international candidates.

 4)      The award shouldn’t be granted to professor more than once and shouldn’t be granted to professor who previously being awarded the same level.

 5)      The award may be granted to the name of the dead provided that the nomination had been when he is alive.

 6)      The winner selection committee headed by Mr. A. D / university president or to the University Council had the right to  grand the university discretionary award equally as well as the authority to withhold the award in any of the different fields.


Article (4):

 Nomination procedure

1)      The sectors Councils nominate at the level of teachers one teacher for each award, which earlier availability of the conditions and in accordance with the models set up for this purpose.

2)      the College Board or the Institute nominate of the nominations Forums five professors to apply for the award

 3)      the college or institute sends (6 copies) of these nominations to the university, including history and scientific production of Candidate Professor including published researches and supervised Theses by which have been approved with the scientific literature and construction, management positions, university and cultural activity of candidate and what he has achieved for the University and for the homeland of scientific and community services.

 4)      Dean or nominations Institute sends for examination committees for each candidate of five professors of arbitrators are older than the candidate professor whenever possible and one of them, at least from outside the university.

 5)      These copies must be send back to the university in the deadline by 31 December of each year.

 Article (5):

 Check the nominations

 1)      The Council of Graduate Studies and Researches of the University shall examine the adoption of the formation of supreme examination committees for five awards of arbitrators for each award should be older than the candidate professors whenever possible and have at least two of them from outside the university.

 2)      University Council should approve on the formation of Supreme arbitrators committees.

 3)      Arbitrators committees should choose three professors from the candidates for each award in light of the proposed inspection reports of special committees of each candidate and which is related to the award, and Committee of the jurisdiction.

 4)      Combination between the membership of the committees of arbitrators and the Commission choose the winner is prohibited.

 5)      Incompatibility between more than the membership of committees of the examination (Arbitrators)

 6)      Each arbitrator should be paid amount (500 pounds) only five hundred pounds bonus.


Article (6):

The winner selection

1)      The professor Dr/ university president should head the committee to pick a winner and formed annually from this gentlemen:

 (A)   Vice President of the University professors.

 (B)   Two of the oldest deans of colleges and institutes and the dean of the college or institute from which the candidates are belong to.

 (C)   A legal professors nominated by professor Dr / rector.

 2)      The works of the Commission should be displayed on the University Council to approve the final nominations and this is before June 30 of each year, and in any case not be a member of this committee or the university council is a candidate for the award when choosing the winner.


Article (7):


 The value of awards and awards of arbitrators should be deduct each financial year with discount on 5/9 last bonuses