Report of The continued funded Researches by the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology



research Name

Research period

funding agency







Genetic vaccination for insect parasites as effective model in integrated programs for pest control




Three years from


Ministry of State for Scientific Research programs within the National Strategy for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

There was so far no reports of scientific or financial research so far










Genetic characterization of some plants growing in the area of the Red Sea coast

36 Months from




for a period of one year starting from


August 2007


another year of


August 2008




State Ministry for Scientific Research and Genetic Engineering



No final scientific and financial report of the research so far




Towards the manufacture of solar cells effective chemical

Two years starting from

May 25, 2008

(First Batch)

Virginia University in America and Research Academy The Egyptian-American Scientific Fund






The role of (resveratrol) in the treatment and prevention of brain tumors (Aljleoma) and heart disease



Two years starting from

August 2009

Sciences and Technological Development Fund in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the United States of America