The project aims to design an online Portal for Ain Shams University by providing the demanded data easily from the faculties & unites of the university. Hence, the browser can reach information about professors, students, administrators, the events in the university or any other information through the Portal.

 Projects Goals

 1- Designing websites for the university & the faculties includes:

    University's Agenda, news, advertisement and academic plans

 -University's Sectors: University Management, Students affairs sector, high studies and scientific research sector, community and environment services sector, university's faculties & institutes and the special units that follows university's management or the faculties.

2- Offering electronic services to all university students.

3- Offering electronic services to all high studies students.

4- Offering electronic services to all professors.

5- Offering electronic services to the private sector & civil society.

 Portal is being designed right now using the international standard methods that easily allow exchanging information with universities, local & international organizations. The project provides interfaces to use the information systems services in the universities through the feature of single sign in such as:

Systems of administrative information for students, digital libraries, electronic learning and training, news, e-mails and Blogs that attract students & support their sense of belonging to the university.

 Basic data of the project:

1 The University Ain Shams University
2 Project Name Operating & activating the university’s portal project
3 Project Manager Prof. Dr. Mostafa Gad Alhaq Mohammed
4 Means Of communications Tel. Fax. 26849677
5 Project Budget

ICTB Input

University Input


6 Project starting date 1-4-2010
7 implementation period ________



 Beneficiaries categories:

Ain Shams University administration, University Professors, University Students, University faculties, institutes and centres.

Project Team:


1 Eng. Ahmed Mohammed Husny
2 Eng. Rania Anwar Abdel Aziz
3 Eng. Christen Yousef bkheit
4 Eng. Dina Nabil Mohammed Elwy
5 Eng. Mai Hussein Shaban
6 Eng. Menna Allah Ramadan



1 Miss. Shimaa Abd Elghany Elgindy
2 Miss. Tasneem Farag




1 Mrs. Wesam Nabil Mohammed
2 Miss. Maha Gaber Abdel Azim
3 Mrs. Mona Gaber Abdel Azim
4 Miss. Eman Farouk Shoeib
5 Miss. Menna Allah Atef
6 Mr. Mohamed Alaa Eldin Hamed
7 Mrs. Rasha Atef Mohamed



Faculty's Editors

1 Faculty Of Commerce Mahmoud Reda Abdel Mohsen
2 Faculty Of Pharmacy Hadeer Ezat Mahmoud
3 Faculty Of Nursing Khaled Mohamed Farahat
4 Faculty Of Al-Alsun Hany Mounir Tawfeik
5 Post Graduate Childhood Studies Institutes Mohammed Kamal Abed
6 Faculty of Arts Safaa Abu Bakr Mahmoud
7 Faculty Of Science Mervat Mohammed Maghawry
8 Institute of Environment Studies & Research Mohammed Kamal Abed
9 Faculty Of Law Abdel Halim Abdel Hady Abdel Halim
10 Faculty Of Engineering Asmaa Farag Antar Alsayed
11 Faculty Of Agricultural Ahmed Mohammed Beltagy
12 Faculty Of Dentistry Mahmoud Talaat Ali Alafify
13 Faculty Of Computers & Information Science Rabab Hanafy Mahmoud Ali



Eng. Abd Elhalim Abd Elhady