Ain Shams University was founded young, ambitious and challenging all the difficulties it faced at the time. The surrounding conditions were not favorable then; the government did not support it financially until three years after its foundation. Today, the 50 year old ASU is still a challenging young soul recognized by the world. That's our university: Own Heliopolis: the world's most ancient university.

Ain Shams University was the first university founded after the sit-ins by students and professors of the different institutes who demanded to be part of a free university that should provide means of scientific research and free thinking like the Fouad I University did. Their dream came true when the one and only Professor Dr. Taha Hussein became the Minister of Education. On July 10th, 1950 he issued a decree to establish a university in Cairo called the Ibrahim Pasha University that should consist of the following faculties & institutes:

- Faculty of Arts: its cornerstone was the literary section in the High Institute of Teachers.

- Faculty of Science: its cornerstone was the science section in the High Institute of Teachers.

- Faculty of Engineering: its cornerstone was the High Institute of Engineering in Abassiya.

- Faculty of Agriculture: its cornerstone was the High Institute of Agriculture in Shebin Alkoum.

- Faculty of Commerce: its cornerstone was the High Institute of Commercial and Financial Sciences.

- Faculty of Law.

- Faculty of Medicine: its cornerstone was the Faculty of Medicine affiliated to Fouad I University in Abassya.

- Independent Institute of Education for Boys - Independent Institute of Education for Girls.


Being a young revolutionary entity, it could be said that Ain Shams University, when founded, foreshadowed the July 1952 revolution, and today, at 50 years of age, it remains young and revolutionary in spirit.


The idea of establishing the university was presented in the Parliamentary session held on March 27th, 1950 through the report of the Learning and Education Affairs Committee on the establishment and organization of the Ibrahim Pasha University.

After long discussions, it was decided that the Ibrahim Pasha University is to be established to follow the first two Egyptian Universities: The Fouad I University (1908) and the Farouq I University (1942).


The Role of the Student Movement in the Establishment of the University

In his article published in the first issue of Own magazine, Dr. Younan Labib states that the period following the end of the World War in 1945 was a period of huge political turmoil. Young students became more active and involved in the Egyptian political life. This led officials to thinking of establishing new universities so that the political activities of the students would not be centered in one place (Fouad I).

The Social Role of the University

Higher Education became a means of acquiring high social stature. This led to the fact that many families encouraged their children to continue their education. This trend was boosted after the decision to make education free and accessible to all Egyptians in 1950.


University spheres object to establishing the University

University and academic spheres opposed the establishment of the University because they believed that establishing a University for non-academic reasons would harm the quality of higher education.


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