Duties of Vice-President for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs

Supervising the formulation of plans and programmes that carry out the role of the university in serving the community and developing the environment.

Supervising the management of units of special nature that provide services to the community at large, with the exclusion of the management of university hospitals.

Supervising the maintenance of university buildings that are open to the community.

Supervising the implementation of training programmes directed to both government and private sector employees.

Supervising the implementation of professional and technical training programmes.

Supervising the organization of conferences, symposia and public lectures that help serve the community and develop the environment.

Supervising the conducting of applied research for companies and institutions both inside and outside Egypt.

Reviewing reports of the university faculties and the recommendations of their scientific conferences as regards community service and environmental development before submitting them to the university council.

Following up the implementation of decisions taken by the Supreme Council of Universities and the University Council as regards issues concerning community service and environmental development.