Workshop on sustainable development of water resources management
Opened a. D. Majid Dib, head of Ain Shams University and the regional workshop held by the University in collaboration with the Swedish International Development SIDA under the title "Education for sustainable development of the integrated management of water resources", which aims to showcase the results of projects carried out by a cadre of Universities (Ain Shams - Alexandria - South Valley), who have been trained by the Swedish International Development. It was during the workshop reviewed the project at the University of Ain Shams, titled "Improving skills for education for sustainable development and integrated management of water resources for faculty members," which was done by a. D. Ali Bahrawy Professor, Faculty of Engineering University and Dr. Nevin Asim teacher at the girls and the coach of internationally adopted under the auspices of a. D. Mr. Mohamed Salama, Deputy Chief, Ain Shams University for Graduate Studies and Research. He noted a. D. Mohamed Sayed safety that the project includes five phases of the first aims to prepare training material specific to education for sustainable development, ESD and integrated management of water resources, IWRM and the second phase is the adoption of the training material on education for sustainable development internationally by the Development Center staff members Staff of the Supreme Council of Universities, which is representative of the International Commission for the certification of trainers in the Middle East, the third phase, associated with the training of trainers to build institutional capacity to promote a culture of education for sustainable development and the fourth phase is the inclusion of the training program within the activities of the Centre for Training University The final phase relates to assessing the impact of the project on over the application of the principles of education for sustainable development curriculum at the university to ensure the quality of the educational process and linked to the surrounding community in the hope of reaching the sustainable development of society as a whole. It was also during the meeting of special projects at the Universities of South Valley and Alexandria


 Workshop on Presentation Skills, Faculty Of  science Ain Shams
Regulated sector Affairs Environmental Development and Community Service in conjunction with the Division of Computer Science Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science Ain Shams University and a workshop entitled "Presentation Skills Effective using PowerPoint" to other members of faculty and teaching assistants and teaching assistants college for three days from 9-11 / 3 / 2010 Laboratory, Dr. Bahaa El Din Helmy, Department of Mathematics will be the definition of the through this workshop, a number of skills including how to open and close and save the draft prepared by PowerPoint and knowledge of page types and patterns of different writing and work backgrounds as well as how to deal with images and tables in the pages of the supply and audio input associated with the display, as well as files Full Package Media and dealing with animation to show the writing in different ways.

This was said by a. D. Mohammed Idris, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, said that the environmental sector also is organizing a course entitled "Introduction to statistical analysis of data using the SPSS" in collaboration with the Division of Mathematics to other members of faculty and teaching assistants and teaching assistants college and taught session faculty Division of Science Department of Mathematics and Statistics in the period from 16-18/3/2010 laboratory, Dr. Bahaa Helmy session program includes an introduction to statistical data and the statistical community and the types of samples and statistical analysis descriptive data
In addition to defining APSS program and how to enter data and use SPSS in the statistical analysis descriptive data as well as an introduction to hypothesis testing, both hypotheses on the average community or tests hypotheses that use of the difference between the average and combined use of SPSS on tests of hypotheses. 

 Workshop on Employment Forum cultivation of Ain Shams
Organized by the Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University Employment Forum annual conference hall under the auspices of a college. D. Majid Dib, head of Ain Shams University.

Said a. D. Essam Fayed Dean of Faculty of Agriculture, said that this forum is interested in the preparation of a good product of the graduates in accordance with the requirements of the open labor market in agricultural areas, whether that was in the field of scientific research and technology transfer, or in various production fields.
He added that universities are not isolated from society, but that higher education believes in the role of mutual between the private sector as the ultimate beneficiary of the hand and the training of academic position to conduct scientific research and applied the other hand, that businesses can take part in the establishment of research centers the College conducts applied research that contribute to the solution of many of the problems raised by businessmen in all disciplines of agricultural and through cooperation protocols and memoranda of understanding between the College and declared the business in the agricultural sector.
He referred that the most important goals as a result of cooperation between universities and business in various sectors especially in the agricultural sector is creating opportunities for training as that is the basis for building practical skills and scientific graduates, whether in visits per day, or the training field during the summer holidays as This allows the identification of the potential and capabilities of graduates and their development and create good opportunities for employment.
Forum was attended by business leaders in food processing and Dr. Saad Nassar, Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture and agents of the college and the college faculty members