Pro. Dr. Ali Abdel Aziz Ali

Vice President of the University

For Graduate Studies and Scientific Research


The catch up with the world civilization , scientific technological development , and rapid economic growth require that the university have to develop and direct the efforts of scientific research , in order to meet the current and future requirements of the Egyptian society, and to achieve effective contribution in addressing the problems expected to occur in the light of the future development of the society in various fields of life, as well as fostering trends of innovation and creativity to keep pace with scientific developments in the light of the unprecedented regional and international variables. 

Graduate studies systems , scientific research, and cultural relations at the University of Ain ​​Shams have received significant interest from the successive leaders , due to the faith of the leaders of the university and its professors that the effectiveness of graduate studies systems , and  scientific research is the cornerstone to achieve the ultimate goals of higher education . 

There is no doubt that the globalization of higher education, and scientific research, and cultural relations  had been imposed on universities to follow the indicators of  global excellence, and this in turn requires to rethink the design of action plans and programs of these sectors. 

The unbounded love of this country and belonging to this prestigious university provoke unlimited motivation to serve and exert all the effort needed to elevate its status to be a beacon for science. 

On this basis i urge all my fellow brothers to join our effort in pursuit of change for the better to meet the aspirations and fullfill the dreams of the university students and our beloved Egypt.