Procedures of the International Publication Unit at the Faculty

Focal point

  1. Receive the research file from the faculty members and the assisting body in the form of a hard copy, including a search form, a copy of the national ID number of the principal investigator, a photocopy of the national number of the participants, if any, and a confirmation of clarifying the status of the researchers from work (existing or not at the job) and a similar copy on CD.


  1. Ensure submitting the research from the main researcher or one participant for one time and not repeating it again.



  1. Receive the research file from the MIS Center after closing the presentation as Excel sheet.


  1. Reviewing and comparing the data received from the MIS with the hand received by the faculty members including (the name of the applicant, the title of the research, the name of the journal, the year of publication, the publication month, eigenfactor and the names of the participants.


  1. Make sure that the name of Ain Shams University is written as the address of the researcher and exclude research that does not meet this condition.



  1. Ensure the search is actually published in the magazine by searching on google, and if we do not find it ... we search the file name with the folder number and the edition.


  1. Extract the eigenfactor value from ISI Web of knowledge database with the exception of research published in journals not included in ISI Web of knowledge database